The Wind Institute for Innovation and Training coordinates and galvanizes cross-organizational workforce development, education, research, and innovation efforts to support New Jersey’s goal of generating 11,000 megawatts of offshore wind by 2040.  The Wind Institute works with strategic partners to develop and deliver training programs and educational resources, and promote research and innovation in the state’s growing offshore wind industry. 





In 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed executive order no. 79 that called for the creation of the Wind Institute to advance New Jersey’s offshore wind workforce and research and innovation efforts. In 2020, the Governor’s WIND Council report detailed the vision for the Wind Institute for Innovation and Training.  On behalf of the State of New Jersey, NJEDA works with state agencies and with industry, academia, labor, community, and other stakeholders to meet the Wind Institute for Innovation and Training’s core objectives.  

New Jersey is well-positioned to serve as a hub for the U.S offshore wind industry thanks to the state’s skilled workforce, top education system, and vibrant innovation ecosystem. The Wind Institute’s programs build on New Jersey’s strengths to become a national leader in offshore wind.

The Wind Institute will coordinate and galvanize cross-organizational workforce, research, and innovation efforts to support New Jersey as a leader in offshore wind.

To ensure the Wind Institute complements ongoing market development efforts and addresses unmet needs, the WIND Council, a cross-governmental coordinating effort, assessed the state of the offshore wind industry in New Jersey, conducted a gap analysis of workforce assets in New Jersey, and facilitated discussions with a wide range of stakeholders. Together, these inputs shaped the WIND Council’s recommendations for the Wind Institute, including to be legislatively established as an independent authority.

Read the WIND Council’s full report here

NJEDA recognizes that immediate action is needed to address the industry’s short-term workforce development needs and lay the groundwork for research and innovation. As the Wind Institute is established, NJEDA will work in partnership with State agencies to implement.

Key Partners

Office of the Governor

Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Jen Becker
Executive Vice President,
Clean Energy & Workforce Innovation Partnerships
Ahmed chaudry
Wind Institute
ahmed.chaudry@njeda. gov

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Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) received a Wind Institute grant to develop a set of wind turbine technician training programs. Wind turbine technicians are the individuals that repair and maintain wind turbines once installed either offshore and onshore depending on the location of the wind farm. RCSJ’s first training program, Wind Power Ready, has been developed in partnership with the offshore wind industry. 

Read the press release on RCSJ’s grant award here. 
Learn more 

Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC) received a Wind Institute/Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) grant to develop a GWO Basic Safety and Sea Survival training facility in Atlantic City.  GWO is an internationally-recognized credential that is required for individuals working on the wind farm at sea.  

Read the press release on ACCC’s grant here. 
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Building on programs offered by New Jersey’s strong vocational schools and county colleges, the Wind Institute has partnered with several schools in South Jersey to expand training opportunities for the specific welding and painting skills required in the manufacturing of large steel components, such as monopile foundations. These training programs are currently offered in Gloucester County and under development in Salem and Camden counties.  

Read the press releases for the awards to Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT), Salem County Vocational Technical Schools, and Camden County Technical Schools and Camden County College.   

Learn more about GCIT programs. 

Learn more about Salem programs. 

Learn more about Camden programs for high school students and post-secondary students.  

Five organizations received Wind Institute grants to develop offshore wind training programs in high growth occupations in the offshore wind industry with a focus on the state’s overburdened communities.   

Read the press release on the awards here.  

Learn more about the five organizations: 

Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center 

Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical College 

New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance 

Apex Solutions Foundation 

Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association 

The Wind Institute has partnered with KidWind, a national non-profit, to develop specialized elementary, middle, high school, and Career and Technical Education curriculum that educates students about offshore wind, all aligned with New Jersey’s climate change standards.

Learn more here.

To help our youngest residents learn more about the offshore wind industry, the Wind Institute created a fun activity/coloring book.  To receive copies for your local organization or school, email 

The Wind Institute has partnered with the Oceantic Network to offer free in-depth trainings for NJ businesses and organizations to learn about the offshore wind supply chain.   

Learn more about upcoming sessions here. 

The Wind Institute has partnered with New Jersey’s eight research universities to support undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students’ research in offshore wind.  Each student conducts their research at their home university and then come together as a fellowship cohort for site visits, guest lecturers, and workshops that further their understanding of offshore wind.  The Fellowship culminates in an annual research symposium.  

Read the press release here 

Visit the Fellowship webpage here

The Wind Institute has partnered with Rutgers University, Rowan University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Montclair State University to support the development of programs that further offshore wind expertise and learning.   

Read the press release here 

New Jersey, through the NJ Board of Public Utilities, is a member of the NOWRDC and supports cutting-edge research that advances the U.S. offshore wind industry.  

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