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November 10, 2021
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NJEDA Releases Updated Net Operating Loss (NOL) Program Rules for Public Feedback

TRENTON, N.J. (November 10, 2021) – The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) today released for public feedback rules for the Net Operating Loss (NOL) Program as updated under the New Jersey Economic Recovery Act of 2020 (ERA) and P.L. 2021, c. 160, including new measures to support woman- and minority-owned businesses. Members of the public are encouraged to review the preliminary rules and submit written feedback through an online form available on the Economic Recovery Act website.

“Governor Phil Murphy is committed to driving long-term economic growth in New Jersey by building the most diverse, inclusive innovation ecosystem in the nation,” said NJEDA Chief Executive Officer Tim Sullivan. “The NOL Program has a long history of success helping early-stage companies with the greatest growth potential launch and grow in New Jersey. The updated program rules released today will increase this important program’s impact and help us continue to grow New Jersey’s innovation economy.”

The NOL Program enables tech and life sciences companies to sell their New Jersey net operating losses and/or research and development (R&D) tax credits for cash. Buyers can purchase tax credits at a discount and apply them to reduce taxable income.

To date, more than $1.07 billion in funding has been distributed to over 550 technology and life sciences companies since the NOL Program’s inception in the late 1990s. In 2020, 49 companies were approved to sell a combined $54 million through the program. The average award for companies approved to sell their net operating losses through the program last year was $1.1 million.

The updated rules released today incorporate changes mandated in the ERA, including increasing the NOL Program’s annual cap from $60 million to $75 million and raising the lifetime cap for an individual company from $15 million to $20 million. The updated rules also expand the type of participating companies subject to the initial allocation to include companies located within an opportunity zone and certified woman- or minority-owned businesses.

Draft NOL Program rules will be available for public comment until November 24, 2021. Members of the public can review the rules and provide comment at

In addition to the NOL Program, the ERA creates a suite of programs that includes tax credits to incentivize job creation, new construction, and revitalization of brownfields and historic properties; financial resources for small businesses; support for new supermarkets and healthy food retailers in food desert communities; new funding opportunities for early-stage companies in New Jersey; and support for the growing film and digital media industry. The NJEDA will continue to engage the public as new programs and rules are developed.

About the New Jersey Economic Development Authority

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) serves as the State’s principal agency for driving economic growth. The NJEDA is committed to making New Jersey a national model for inclusive and sustainable economic development by focusing on key strategies to help build strong and dynamic communities, create good jobs for New Jersey residents, and provide pathways to a stronger and fairer economy. Through partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, the NJEDA creates and implements initiatives to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in the State and strengthen New Jersey’s long-term economic competitiveness.

To learn more about NJEDA resources for businesses call NJEDA Customer Care at 609-858-6767 or visit and follow @NewJerseyEDA on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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