Eligible New Jersey wineries and vineyards can now access financing through the NJEDA.

Wineries and Vineyards may be eligible to receive NJEDA financing through the following products

Premier Lender Program
Direct Loans
Small Business Fund


Wineries and vineyards can use NJEDA financing for the following qualified capital expenditures.

Barrels & binsFermentersPresses
Canopy Management MachinesFertilizer and soil amendmentsPumps
CorkersFruit plants & harvestersSeeders
CrushersHoses and Irrigation equipmentSoil
Deer Control FencingLugsTanks
EquipmentPoles and PostsVats and wine tanks



Must be commercial farms where the owner or operator of the commercial farm has been issued and is operating in compliance with a plenary winery license or farm winery license pursuant to R.S.33:1-10.


Must consist of at least one contiguous acre dedicated to the growing of grapes or other fruit that are used or are intended to be used in the production of wine by a winery as well as any other plants or other improvements located thereon

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) wants to ensure that New Jersey businesses have the resources necessary to expand and that our communities have a healthy climate for growth. That’s why we partner with banks to overcome the financial obstacles that can stall the growth and expansion of New Jersey-based businesses.

If your winery or vineyard is discussing potential financing with one of 26 NJEDA’s Premier Lender banks, NJEDA’s participation or guarantee of a portion of the financing can lower the cost of borrowing for your business.

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Access is a pilot lending program that provides financing to small businesses in New Jersey – either in the form of direct loans through NJEDA, or through loan participations or guarantees in partnership with an NJEDA Premier Lender. 

Access is different from other NJEDA financing programs in that it provides greater flexibility to borrowers by placing greater emphasis on the borrower’s cash flow and less emphasis on hard collateral

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New Jersey businesses in need of financing and committed to job creation/retention may be eligible for direct loans through the NJEDA when conventional financing is not available. Creditworthy small, minority-owned or women-owned businesses in New Jersey that have been in operation for at least one full year and may not have the ability to get bank financing, or not-for-profit corporations that have been operating for at least three full years, may be eligible for assistance under the Small Business Fund

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For more information or to ask a specific question, please send an email to and a team member will reach out to you.