March 15, 2018
2 minute read

The New Jersey Business Action Center Supports New Jersey’s Small Businesses

New Jersey has over 840,000 small businesses – and they continue to create jobs, provide important services and products, and make a big impact on the state's economy daily. Whether a business owner's enterprise is home-based or a high-tech start-up, they can face challenges of all sizes when launching or running a small business.

Here in the Garden State, small business owners do not need to do it alone. The State of New Jersey offers specialized and professional support to small businesses through the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC). Housed within the Department of State, the business community can rely on the NJBAC as a "one-stop" resource for doing business in the state. Need the latest updates on the state's licensing and permitting laws? Want a practical checklist for starting a business? The NJBAC has the information business owners need. Below are a few NJBAC resources that are useful to small business owners – at no cost:

Financing Help                                                                                                                       

The NJBAC's Office of Small Business Advocacy can identify financing and incentive programs available through other state agencies, and those administered by sister agency, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). What's more, NJBAC advocates can assist in finding resources needed to repair or build credit.

Export Assistance                                                                                                                       

Ready to expand your business internationally? NJBAC business advocates can help your company go global with valuable export assistance. Not only are basics terms and conditions about exporting offered, but a team of international advocates are ready to assist and help build a plan for global success. Your business is in capable hands; the State of New Jersey received the prestigious President's "E Star" Award for excellence in export services.


Fornazor International, a Hillsdale-based specialty animal feed blender, received assistance from the NJBAC and was able to attend two trade shows in Dubai. "The trade shows have had a tremendous impact on our business. Thanks to their support, we project a million-dollar revenue increase over 18 months," said Susan R. Jay, Fornazor's Business Development Manager.

Branchburg-based ZEUS Scientific, a global company serving the in-vitro diagnostics community, also received assistance from the NJBAC. The company was able to attend the American Association of Clinical Chemistry trade show and facilitated a market research study to identify potential international markets. "There is a real market looking for our products overseas," said Chris Howard, chief commercial officer. "The NJBAC helped us expand our network of contacts and buyers from Europe, Asia and South America." 

Events to Keep You "In the Know"                                                                                          

The NJBAC team travels the Garden State to speak at events and educate the business community about ways to stay competitive and successful in their market. Topics of interest for small business owners include entrepreneurship, intellectual property and marketing basics. Check out the State of New Jersey's Business Portal for information on upcoming events.
NJBAC Call Center: 1-800-JERSEY-7
Put the NJBAC’s Call Center on speed dial and help will always be just a call away. Business advocates at the NJBAC Call Center are ready to answer questions in real time and direct callers to the proper resources. The call center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Spanish-speaking advocates are also available. For 24/7 information and an overview of the NJBAC's services, visit the State of New Jersey Business Portal.