State Office Building Projects

In partnership with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC), the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) is constructing the new Taxation and Department of Health buildings with two new buildings in downtown Trenton.

Construction has begun on the new Department of Health Building at 55 Willow Street, between West Hanover St. and Capitol St. Construction of the new Taxation Building has begun, just in front of the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development Building at 3 John Fitch Way.

During the construction period, residents and commuters are encouraged to frequently check this site for updates on potential impact on local vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

For a construction timeline of the Health Building Project, please click here.

For a construction timeline of the Taxation Building Project, please click here.

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BackGround of the projects

In 2014, at the request of the previous administration, the NJEDA prepared a Feasibility Study to recommend the most cost-effective solution for relocating the departments that currently occupy the State Health and Agriculture and Division of Taxation buildings.  After much discussion and consideration with the Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC), the City of Trenton’s Department of Economic Development, the Capital City Redevelopment Corporation, and other stakeholders, NJEDA settled on the current plan, which involves construction of a new 200,000-square-foot Division of Taxation building on an existing State parking lot at the corner of John Fitch Way and North Warren Street and a new 209,000-square-foot Department of Health building on another existing State lot at the southwest corner of North Willow and West Hanover streets.

Both new buildings are less than five minutes walking distance from the core of downtown and, once complete, will expand the local customer base for Trenton businesses. In addition, by eliminating or repurposing obsolete office space, these construction projects pave the way for future downtown development without removing parcels from Trenton’s city tax rolls or taking up valuable, tax-incentivized private development parcels near the Trenton Transit Center.

Where can I get more information about these projects?

Check back here regularly for updates on the projects. For additional background information on the projects, see the “Links” section at the bottom of the page.

How is this construction going to affect my commute?

Although disruptions to traffic are expected to be minimal, especially during rush hour, updates on any road closures, detours, or other potential disruptions to normal traffic flow will be posted here and sent out via email notifications and via the NJEDA’s Twitter account – @NewJerseyEDA

How will these construction projects affect Trenton businesses?

These construction projects were designed to support downtown businesses by increasing foot traffic and bringing new customers to the City. Both new buildings will be within five-minute walking distance from the core of downtown and once the projects are completed the State will move workers to Trenton from other locations in Mercer County, growing the customer base for businesses downtown. 

Do these projects fit into existing plans for Trenton’s downtown?

Yes! Throughout the planning process, NJEDA and the other agencies involved solicited feedback from Trenton City government, the Capital City Redevelopment Corporation, local advocacy groups, and Trenton residents and modified plans to accommodate these groups.

The new construction now complements Trenton’s long-term plans for the downtown area by paving the way for future development sites without removing parcels from the City’s current tax rolls and without taking up tax-incentivized private development parcels near the Trenton Transit Center.

Do these projects include opportunities for small minority- and woman-owned businesses?

Yes. In addition to guaranteeing an open and competitive bidding process for consultants and contractors, the projects will also include a set-aside program with goals of ensuring at least 25 percent small business engagement, Affirmative Action hiring goals, and prevailing wage requirements.

During the planning phase, the New Jersey Department of Treasury and NJEDA also hosted a Small, Minority- and Women-Owned Subcontractor Networking Event to connect small businesses in Trenton with construction management professionals actively recruiting minority- and women-owned contractors to participate in construction.

I am a vendor interested in participating in these projects. How do I get involved?

Vendors and contractors are encouraged to take part in these projects. For inquiries related to the Health building, contact Turner Construction. To get involved with the Taxation building project, contact Torcon.

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