Letter of Support Request Form

Before completing this form, you must speak with a New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) representative about your request. If you do not have a NJEDA contact, you can either email CustomerCare@njeda.com or browse the NJEDA website under Strategic Industry Support or Financing and Incentives for direct contact information.

As a governmental authority, NJEDA is often requested to provide letters of support which serve as an opportunity to show support and engagement in areas of strategic value.

All Letter of Support requests to the NJEDA are submitted by completing the form below. Please allow for at least 10 business days for NJEDA to review and consider this request. Please be advised the NJEDA will only consider providing letters of support that align with NJEDA’s mission.

All requests are subject to an approval process, which includes a review to ensure compliance with the State Ethics Commission issued Uniform Code of Ethics. 

NJEDA does not provide exclusive endorsement or recommendation for a specific entity or program. Multiple entities may apply to the NJEDA for letter of support requests on the same funding opportunity. Expect follow up contact from NJEDA during the determination process, including requests for additional information.

NJEDA reserves the right to deny any request for a letter of support, including for insufficient time to review the proposal or if the letter of support request is not aligned with NJEDA’s mission or priorities.