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November 30, 2018
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Suuchi Inc. Commits to Grow in New Jersey, Create More than 400 Advanced Manufacturing Jobs

TRENTON, N.J. (November 30, 2018) – Suuchi Inc., a woman-owned technology and supply chain startup, announced today that it will remain and grow in New Jersey, finalizing a lease to occupy space at Kearny Point, a 130-acre business center that will be home to pioneering companies of the new economy.  Suuchi, Inc. plans to create 410 advanced manufacturing jobs at its new 113,100-square-foot facility in New Jersey instead of a competing location in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The company, which was founded by Suuchi Ramesh, an immigrant from India, began operations in 2016. Suuchi Inc. designs, manufactures, and ships clothing for American fashion brands and Fortune 1000 companies. The company’s proprietary technology, Suuchi Grid, connects businesses with their “smart” shop floor, affording businesses and their customers with real-time access to their supply chains, including updates and analytics on sourcing, design, production and drop shipping.  Suuchi Inc. currently employs individuals from 27 different nationalities, 75 percent of which are women. Suuchi Inc. is also home to Suuchi University, which trains the local community in advanced manufacturing skills before and on the job.
“Visionary companies like Suuchi Inc. recognize that New Jersey provides access to an unparalleled pool of skilled, diverse talent, and the distinct logistical advantages of our unmatched location,” said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. “A critical part of our vision for a stronger and fairer New Jersey economy is creating an environment that fosters the growth of diverse and innovative companies in high-growth sectors, including advanced manufacturing. We are delighted that Suuchi Inc. has chosen to grow here and provide more opportunities for New Jerseyans.”
Suuchi Inc.’s client roster includes American fashion brands and several Fortune 1000 companies. Suuchi sells to businesses including young designers launching fashion labels, retailers seeking to make private-label clothing in America, and large firms supplying uniforms to the casino and hospitality industries. Grow New Jersey (Grow NJ) tax credits of up to $37.17 million over ten years were approved for Suuchi, Inc. at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA’s) September 2018 Board meeting, and encouraged the company to expand in New Jersey instead of relocating operations to North Carolina. 
“We have experienced great success in New Jersey, and attribute much of our momentum to our ability to recruit savvy and skilled employees from a diverse pool of talent,” said Suuchi Inc. Founder and CEO Suuchi Ramesh. “We are excited to continue to grow and support our customer base, while contributing to the local economy.”
Suuchi Inc. will be located at Kearny Point, a two million square foot flexible office and light industrial business hub on 130 acres undergoing redevelopment.  Kearny Point is home to Building 78 and Kearny Works, a collaborative workspace offering creative office and coworking options for a diverse community of pioneering businesses. Building 78 was recently approved under NJ Ignite, a new NJEDA program that provides rent support for technology and life sciences companies moving to incubators, accelerators, or other collaborative workspaces in New Jersey.
“Making New Jersey the State of Innovation is a top priority of Governor Murphy’s economic development strategic plan, and Suuchi Inc.’s business model aligns with this vision,” said NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan. “Between its technology-based business model and its commitment to creating advanced manufacturing jobs, New Jersey is positioned to support Suuchi’s continued growth.”
To read Governor Murphy's full economic plan, please visit: /wp-content/uploads/pdfs/StrongerAndFairerNewJerseyEconomyReport.pdf
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