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Chrom-Matrix Inc.

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Chrom-Matrix Inc. is an innovative chromatographic company primarily focused on the creation, development, manufacturing and supply of HPLC columns, sample preparation consumables, discovery methodology with outstanding performance for separation, analysis and purification of organic chemicals and biochemicals.



Couragene is leveraging its breakthrough delivery platforms to develop next-generation gene and biologic therapies. Couragene harnesses its innovative technologies to create novel therapeutics via non-viral delivery of genome editing machinery, DNA/RNA, and other biologics. Furthermore, Couragene has discovered and developed proprietary materials for oral delivery of therapeutic agents.

Delve Therapeutics

Delve Therapeutics is a discovery-stage startup researching novel oncolytic viruses.   

HistoBridge LLC

HistoBridge is a specialty preclinical and clinical research services organization committed to fulfill the histology and pathology needs for drug discovery/development.  

Hopkins MedTech Group LLC dba HopkinsMedtechCompliance


HMC Research and Clinical Lab is an independent diagnostic lab founded by Hopkins MedTech.  

Innovative Molecules
Innovative Molecules is a drug discovery and contract research services company that will apply organic chemistry and biochemistry to optimize the pharmacotherapeutic utility of medicinal compounds.

JMS Pharma
JMS Pharma is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with focus on developing sterile formulations.”


Lactiga™ is an award-winning, venture-backed biotherapeutics company developing novel biologics to treat and prevent infections with a focus on improving the quality of life in patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases. Lactiga is unlocking the full therapeutic value of human milk to create the next generation of anti-infectives that can battle even the world’s most dangerous pathogens. 

Linus Biotechnology Inc.

LinusBio is a patient-centric, precision exposome medicine company. 

Originating from the world’s leading exposome laboratory at Mount Sinai Health System, Linus has developed a technology platform that builds on breakthroughs in exposome sequencing by trailblazing researchers Drs. Manish Arora, Christine Austin and Paul Curtin.

The Company’s program pipeline comprises precision exposome medicine biomarkers and target discovery across disease domains for which historically no molecular endpoints have been available in medical practice or for clinical trials, including CNS (autism spectrum disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), gastroenterology (inflammatory bowel disease), renal disease and oncology. 


Neoventech strives to be the recognized leader in topical drug and active cosmetic product development. Our dedicated R&D team has a combined of 70+ years’ experience in drug delivery, cosmetic and topical drug product development and their successful global commercialization. The mission is to assist you to transform innovative ideas into successful cosmetics or topicalpharmaceutical products to address the dermatological disorders and unmet consumer needs in skin health. Neoventech commits to partner with industrial leaders and to find better ways to deliver the high quality products and services in a timely manner.

OLI Technologies
OLI Technologies is revolutionizing end-stage renal disease treatment. Leveraging proprietary nanotechnologies, OLI is developing intelligent wearables that emulate the natural capabilities of healthy kidneys.

Skunkworx Labs
Skunkworx Labs (SKWX) is an innovative biologic drug discovery company dedicated to creating therapeutics targeting cancer, inflammation, and infectious diseases.  Our unique protein screening platforms provide greater combinatory diversity than what naturally occurs in nature.  It reaches beyond visible biology producing truly synthetic possibilities.  SKWX serves to fix biological problems by providing synthetic solutions through its NanoProtein and NanoAntibody Libraries.  Skunkworx can generate candidate biologics from known and unknown targets, identify new targets and generate tools and agents to guide rational drug design.  

Smirta Innovation Inc.

Smirta Innovations Inc. is a Digital Health company focused on bringing Machine learning and AI based platforms to optimize patient flow logistics within Cancer treatment Centers as well as assist pathologists in analyzing tissues to segment, measure and predict. Smirta Innovations is led by an experienced group of Health IT executives and physicians who have successfully developed and commercialized multiple Health IT products that were used by large Health Systems nationwide.
Sonder Research X
Sonder Medicine Inc. is a biotechnology startup company focused on using advanced imaging technology to develop therapeutic solutions for ophthalmic diseases and cancer, exclusively licensed from Cornell University

TheWell Bioscience

TheWell Bioscience is a biotech company focusing to develop and commercialize novel cell culture and delivery systems to empower life science research. Our goal is to bridge the in vitro and in vivo studies with simple, versatile products and services to achieve better efficiency while reducing costs. A joyful spirit is a precious gift to us.

Zena Therapeutics

An innovative drug discovery company focused on patient safety.

Zena is a women-led team working on developing new drugs to treat alcohol and substance use as well as anxiety disorders.  Zena aims to mitigate the harmful impacts of poly-substance use and prevent future overdose fatalities. The team’s expertise ranges from medicinal to natural-products chemistry.