Press Release
October 9, 2008
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Camden, N.J. (October, 9, 2008)
– The 138-year old commitment of Campbell’s Soup Company to New Jersey was bolstered today as Governor Jon S. Corzine and company officials broke ground for the firm’s new world headquarters.


“This expansion project is a testament to how public/private partnerships can bring about significant change in our urban areas,” said Governor Corzine. “Stimulating urban revitalization in the state’s cities is a cornerstone of our Economic Growth Strategy, and critical to New Jersey’s ability to spur private capital investment, business growth, and job creation.


“Campbell’s commitment has been vital to our ongoing efforts to revitalize Camden, and this kind of leadership should serve as an example to other companies in cities across New Jersey. This is a great day for the Campbell Soup Company, a great day for the City and County of Camden, and great day for the State of New Jersey.”


This $90 million project will generate construction jobs and additional tax revenue for the city.  Of that total, the state, county and city plan to invest $23 million in the area’s infrastructure, including improvements to roads, as well as water and sewer upgrades. In addition to an 80,000-square-foot employee services building, Campbell’s will also develop 200,000 square feet of office space on the adjacent redevelopment site.


The project will retain approximately 1,200 jobs and anchor the redevelopment of the surrounding area.


Governor Corzine thanked Campbell’s President and CEO Doug Conant for his unwavering commitment. He also recognized Camden Mayor Gwendolyn Faison and Camden Chief Operating Officer Judge Theodore Davis for their steadfast support which was critical to the project.


In February 2007, Campbell’s announced it would expand its world headquarters in Camden.


“Getting to this point has not been easy,” said Douglas R. Conant, Campbell’s  President  and CEO. “But good things often don’t come easy.


“We have a vested interest in seeing our city grow. With our government partners, we will work tirelessly to attract new businesses to Camden. Simply stated, Campbell’s expansion is good for our employees, it’s good for our business and for our shareowners, and it’s good for our community.”


Recently, Campbell’s made an additional pledge to the City of Camden when the company announced a $10 million Public Benefits Initiative, for the benefit of Camden and its residents. 


Campbell’s Soup Company is the largest private taxpayer and employer in the City of Camden with approximately 1,200 jobs at its world headquarters at Campbell Place.