August 25, 2016
3 minute read

EDA Support Helps Fuel Growth of Software Testing Platform Company Tripod Technologies


Tripod Technologies CEO Badri Nittoor

TRENTON (August 25, 2016) – In a digital age, when having a robust web presence is essential for any small business, Cherry Hill-based Tripod Technologies software testing services help growing companies reduce their internet technology costs and improve their return on investments.

Tripod Technologies, headquartered in Cherry Hill, provides software testing services to growth-stage technology companies, along with companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In 2014, Tripod Technologies unveiled eureQa, a cloud-based platform that enables companies to test their ecommerce sites and web browser-based applications before making them live for customer use. These services help companies not just at the launch of the site or the app, but continuously throughout the year. Tripod Technologies’ solutions push changes to the site content and updates to the app, making sure that all portions of the website and app are maintained without a glitch. The company’s clients include New Jersey-based iContracts and Bare Necessities®, as well as TargetX, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) Company in higher education.

The EDA recently closed on an Edison Innovation Angel Growth Fund loan to support Tripod Technologies. The company anticipates using the funding to grow its sales and expand its marketing efforts, and plans to grow its New Jersey presence to a staff of eight or more over the next two years.

“The funding will enable us to continue to help companies from New Jersey and around the world build better products faster and more efficiently, and, in turn, support their growth,” Tripod Technologies Chief Executive Officer Badri Nittoor said.  

Created to enhance support of early-stage businesses that have already attracted funds from angel investors, the Edison Innovation Angel Growth Fund helps companies leverage that funding to directly finance uses such as key hires, product rollout, product enhancement and marketing/sales. Up to $250,000 in subordinated convertible debt financing is available for angel investor-supported technology companies. There is a 2:1 angel match funding requirement that must be received within 90 days prior to application.

“Many EDA programs are geared toward technology companies at their earliest stages,” EDA CEO Melissa Orsen said. “By providing funding to businesses that have attracted capital from investors, the Edison Innovation Angel Growth Fund helps companies like Tripod Technologies take their platforms and products to the next level.”

Since arriving on New Jersey’s technology scene in 2002, Tripod Technologies has repeatedly been recognized for its continued growth. Nittoor noted that his company was named as one of the Top 25 fastest growing private companies in South Jersey by Philadelphia Business Journal and Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business, and as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States by

@NJEDATech spoke with Nittoor about his company’s experience in New Jersey and its plans for the future:

Why did you choose to grow Tripod Technologies in New Jersey?
New Jersey provides us with a unique blend of access to resources and markets that are necessary to grow a company. New Jersey’s technology ecosystem offers a wealth of support to entrepreneurs. Additionally, the state’s close proximity to other technology companies in NJ, as well as major markets like New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, is a huge advantage to a startup.

What is your biggest success to date?
Our biggest success has been our ability to consistently demonstrate the strength of the eureQa Testing Platform in accelerating the time to market for products released across different companies and industries. It has proven that the value proposition we offer is tangible and repeatable across companies of different sizes and domains.

What’s on the horizon for Tripod Technologies?
Over the next few quarters, we will be adding a number of features to the eureQa platform to support testing enterprise applications and mobile apps, and to improve analytics and reporting.  We will also be expanding our sales and marketing teams to grow our customer base both in the US and globally.

What advice do you have for emerging entrepreneurs?
My advice is to focus on solving a pressing need for your customer and provide a clear demonstrable value proposition.

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