May 19, 2016
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Central New Jersey Tech Meetups Promote Networking among Entrepreneurs

@NJEDATech today continues its series highlighting tech Meetups throughout New Jersey. A previous article showcasing northern New Jersey tech Meetups can be found on the EDA’s Technology and Life Sciences feature articles’ webpage.
TRENTON (May 19, 2016) – Collaboration between New Jersey entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders is the heart and soul of the State’s vibrant technology ecosystem. Central New Jersey technology Meetups provide an outlet for this critical synergy to occur.
Through frequent events, Meetups provide a platform for entrepreneurs to network, discuss topics that affect their businesses, share information, and learn from one another. Meetup organizers often invite industry leaders to provide attendees insight into areas relevant to New Jersey’s thriving technology industry. In addition to in-person events, Meetup websites offer members an online forum to communicate, leading to a free-flowing exchange of ideas.
“Located near world-class Rutgers and Princeton universities, these Meetups continue New Jersey’s long-standing tradition of cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs and offering an atmosphere of collaboration for established startup founders,” New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) Chief Executive Officer Melissa Orsen said.

EDA staff members routinely participate in central New Jersey Meetup events, which provide an opportunity for the Authority to get a firsthand view into New Jersey’s technology sector and to become familiar with emerging technology and biotechnology companies. Central New Jersey Meetup events include:

Scarlet Startups (New Brunswick) – Coordinated by entrepreneur Clark Lagemann, Scarlet Startups caters to “entrepreneurs, hackers, dreamers and investors.” Often held on the Rutgers University campus, Scarlet Startups events encourage students, alumni and faculty to get involved with the group. Previous Scarlet Startups Meetup events have included a presentation by Daniel Cherry III, the Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of the NJ Devils and the Prudential Center, and a Co-Founder “Match Night” where entrepreneurs looking for a venture partner can meet in the hopes of connecting with a business partner. Scarlet Startup currently has approximately 1,100 members.
Central Jersey Tech Meetup (South Amboy) – For anyone interested in design, applications or programming, this Meetup is for you! Started in 2013, the group covers a range of topics from telephony to jquery (a Javascript library) plugins built from the ground up. Co-organized by Bryan Moyles, Eli Finkelman and Nate Kapitanski, Central Jersey Tech Meetup has more than 570 members.
In nearby Somerset, co-working space JuiceTank Innovation Lab offers several Meetups for entrepreneurs, including:
New Jersey Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups (NJETS) (Somerset) – NJETS is dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs, techies, visionaries, and creative types through fun and insightful events. The group is consistently expanding its network of members through pitch fests, keynotes by industry experts and thought leaders, networking events, and panel discussions by successful entrepreneurs and technologists. NJETS currently has over 3,500 members.
NJ Women's Network (Somerset) – Founded by Hettle Patel, NJ Women's Network, based at JuiceTank, is a dynamic group of over 650 women consisting of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, technologists, professionals, and executives. Through networking events, speaker series, panel discussions with prominent keynote speakers and workshops, this group comes together to share ideas and ignite their true passions. JuiceTank recently announced that NJ Women’s Network Meetup will soon launch a spinoff called SuiteGirls, where high school girls aspiring to reach the C-suite are mentored by successful women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. 

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) (New Brunswick) – Just launched last week, ICE is for innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative types who want to connect with seasoned game changers and difference makers to transform fluid thoughts to solid ideas. This Meetup is affiliated with JuiceTank and numerous universities and innovation centers, promoting public-private partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances. Stay tuned for more details in the near future!!
Down Route 1 from Middlesex and Somerset Counties, Mercer County’s Princeton is quickly becoming a hub of innovative activity. EDA staff members can regularly be found at two of its Meetups: 
Princeton Tech Meetup – Founded in 2012, Princeton Tech Meetup touts itself as “A community similar to the NY, NJ (Hoboken), Jersey Shore and Philly Tech Meetup groups, without the long drive for those who live and work in between the metro areas.” More than 4,200 members strong, the group’s meetings include startup demos, a keynote speaker, and some unstructured time for networking and socializing. Co-organized by Chris Boraski and Venu Moola, the group occasionally brings in guest speakers to discuss particular topics.
Startup Grind Princeton (Mercer County) – As part of the Startup Grind global community, Startup Grind Princeton Meetup events are designed to help educate, inspire, and connect local entrepreneurs. Held at Tigerlabs, a co-working space and digital health accelerator, these events welcome speakers to share their stories, to highlight what worked, what didn't, and what they'll do differently next time.  Launched in January 2015, the group has more than 770 members and is co-organized by David Stengle, Bert Navarrete, and Trish Ryan.
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