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Manufacturing is a driver of New Jersey’s innovation economy and has been for over 200 years. From the machines that drove the industrial revolution to the world’s first transistor, to advanced aerospace components and lifesaving medical devices, New Jersey manufactures the products that drive innovation and improve lives.

In 2020, the manufacturing sector employed more than 236,000 New Jerseyans and contributed ~$56 billion to our economy.

We consider most of the companies in this sector to be advanced manufacturers. Advanced manufacturing refers to a systems-based approach to maximizing efficiency and precision in manufacturing, using technology such as sensors, automation, and wireless communications. Basically, it’s not about what you are making; it’s about how you are making it. 

Advanced manufacturing companies are critical to the future of New Jersey’s economy. They create high-value added, high-wage jobs that leverage New Jersey’s unique assets to create innovative products. Thats why advanced manufacturing is one of the focus sectors identified in Governor Murphy’s Economic Development Planand why the NJEDA is investing in the initiatives necessary to support sector growth. 

See below for more information on New Jersey’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector, the programs and resources NJEDA has for manufacturing firms, and exciting sector developments that are happening here. 

Pilot Programs

NJEDA and partner organizations have developed three pilot programs to help address the key challenges facing the Advanced Manufacturing sector.

Program and Incentives

Angel Investor Tax Credit Program
Edison Innovation Fund
Food and Agriculture Research & Development Pilot Grant Program
New Jersey Clean Energy Loans: NJ CELs
New Jersey Innovation Fellows Program
NJ Accelerate
NJ Entrepreneur Support
NJ Founders & Funders
NJ Ignite
NJ Innovation Evergreen Fund​ (NEW)
Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) Manufacturing Tax Credit
Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) Manufacturers Energy Sales Tax Exemption
Venture Fund Investments

We are a state of innovators.

From the incandescent light bulb to ground- breaking
cancer research, New Jersey has been and remains,
a place where human ingenuity flourishes.

— Phil Murphy | Governor of New Jersey

A diverse economy on the rise

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Increase in Advanced Manufacturing GDP

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